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Arto Paasilinna

So last Summer or so, I picked up some books my father had bought.
They were by some Finnish dude named Arto Paasilinna and were very interesting, funny and morbid.
I started reading some of them. It was “Jäniksen vuos” (Harens år, Norwegian translation. The year of the hare, English translation), “Hirtettyjen kettujen metsä (De hengte revenes skog, Nor trans. The Forest of the Hanged Foxes. Eng trans.) and “Hurmaava joukkoitsemurha” (Kollektivt selvmord, Nor trans. A Charming Mass Suicide, Eng trans.) (The last one, my grandmother liked very well too. During the Christmas holidays, she read it over and over again.)

They were quite funny and charming, and when I had started to read them, I just couldn’t stop.
I bought some more books as I found them published in Norwegian, but I didn’t have time to read them then, I saved them for when I had some time off. Like now.

Today, I was home at my parents’ empty house (they’re in the States), all alone, lots of snow outside - and more coming down from the skies - and I just hadn’t anything to do, except writing on my bachelor and waiting for my clothes to dry so that I could go to the store and get some groceries.
I hooked my Zune to my Logitech Z-5500, put on some Nightwish (the old records, before Once and when Tarja Turunen was still their female vocalist), read a Don Rosa story where Scrooge, Donald and the nephews went to Finland and ended up in the middle of Kalevala, and then I saw one of Arto’s books laying on a table next to my printer. It was “Ukkosenjumalan poika” (Tordengudens sønn, Nor trans. The Son of the Thunder God, Eng trans.). I found out that I was in such of a good mood and in for some more Finnish stuff, so I started reading it. 3 pages in and I knew this was what I was doing for the rest of the day.

Then I said to myself, it’s not fair that only I know what I’m doing today, and got on Facebook to tell other people about it, and hopefully get them to go out and pick up the book, or at least google the writer. No idea if people to, but at least they know what I’m into today.

Then I read some more pages, and said to myself; “Hey! Let’s write a post about it on tumblr too, haven’t updated it in a while and if I’m going to update it, why not update it about this guy?”
So I did it. And if you’ve read this far in this weird rant, then I think you should check him out as well.

He’s a great writer, I can’t wait to read more from him!

Are you still here? Close this page and google “Arto Paasilinna”!
Or even better, go out and buy some of his books and read them!



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