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UEFA Euro 2012
So the UEFA Euro 2012 is coming up and I've decided to come out of hiding and tell you about this years good players. If a nation isn't mentioned, it simply means that they don't have any players of okay quality. Just horrible posers. :)

France: (Cissé)
Spain: Casillas, Reina, Fàbregas, Alonso, (Puyol, Villa)
Italy: Buffon, Pirlo
Portugal: (Nuno Gomes)
Germany: Klose, (Cacau)
England: (Lampard)
Czech Republic: Rosický
The Netherlands: Bommel, Robben, Persie
Republic of Ireland: Given, Dunne, Keane
Ukraine: Shevchenko
Sweden: Källström

The players between ( and ) is the players that isn't on the main squad, but are recent callups.
And even though their only good player is on the callups, I'm still rooting for France, because ... You know, it's France! :D


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