Christmas Eve
So okay, I forgot to post this entry at Christmas Eve, but it's understandable. I had lots of other stuff on my mind.
But at least ... Here comes the pictures of my presents, and a description of every one. :)

From my grandma:
Canon EFS 60mm f/2.8 Macro USM

Sigma 10-20mm F4-5.6 EX DC

From my parents:
Microsoft Kinect for Xbox 360

From Oda Karoline (my youngest sister):
Microsoft Zune HD A/V Dock

Sparkline 2,055

lørdag 25. desember 2010

Årets julaften

Da var endelig julaften over oss, maten er spist, desserten er spist, gavene åpnet og nå er det tid for Flåklypa Grand Prix. :)
Av gaver jeg har fått så langt, har vi:

Fra farmor:
Canon EFS 60mm f/2.8 Macro USM

Sigma 10-20mm F4-5.6 EX DC

Fra mamma og pappa:
Microsoft Kinect for Xbox 360

Fra Oda Karoline (minstesøss):
Microsoft Zune HD A/V Dock

Sir Arthur Conan Doyles "The Complete Sherlock Holmes"

From Hanna Tora (my other little sister):

-R.A. Salvatores "Exile" og "Sojourn" - Bok II og III av "The Legend of Drizzt"
-Neil Gaimans "Smoke and Mirrors"
-Terry Pratchets "Going Postal" og "The Color of Magic"
-Harry Turtledoves "The Breath of God"

From aunt Kari, Uncle Roger and cousing Kirsti:
Sweater from Moods of Norway

(shitty picture, I know)

From my other cousin, Torgrim,  I got a bottle shaped gift and it sounded like it was something in the bottle, so I guess it's alchol and I left it in Norway. :)

From Daniel:
Chocolate (Melkedrøm x2)

T-shirt from Gildan (John Lennon: Give peace a chance)

Book (Joe Hills "Heartshaped Box")

Hey ho, Albany!
And now comes Cristhmas, and I've left Norway for California.
That is ... Albany in the Bay Area (afaik at least), where my family recides for a year of studying, beer drinking, shopping and slacking.

It's a nice place, but I'm really not used to spending my Christmas in places with no snow (okay, we haven't had that much snow at Christmas the last years in Norway, but hey ...) and no cold, but I can really get used to being in a place with 9 - 17 degrees Celsius in December.

We got here Monday afternoon, and I've spent the last 1,5 days on sightseeing, window shopping, sleeping, drinking ale and playing Donkey Kong 1 & 2 on SNES. Awesome!
Tomorrow we're going to San Francisco, can't wait. I'm gonna buy me a suit! ^^
I want to go to Saks Fifth Avenue, or maybe Nordstrom or Hugo Boss (I guess I could go to Juicy Couture too, but even though I know they have men's clothing, I still think of it as women's clothing. My dad wants me to go to Macy's though, but I'm highly skeptical.) or something.
The best would be to get a tailor made suit, or three. :D

For everything else, there's Mastercard

It's Sunday and it's snowing. Heavily. I don't like it, since it's November and for me snow = Winter and Winter = December - February.
In other words ... Something is wrong. And then I remember. I live in the middle of nowhere / Norway. This is how it is and always has been.


My neighbor is 22, no wait, 23 years old today. Happy birthday to him! :D

And I've slept well, spent about 1 hour in the shower - no more hot water today *snicker* and is now enjoying my brunch.
I almost never eat brunch, so it's nice when I finally do. :)

Sunday brunch

It's a bottle of ice cold water, straight from the freezer, a cup of sweet camomile tea, from London Fruit & Herb Company, chicken noodles with extra curry and chili and some turkey and cheese sandwiches.

It's very omnomnom, to be honest.

Also, yay! For once, my first post in a new blog is not a "Hey and welcome to my blog"-kinda thing.
It's actually relevant! Sweet!


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