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The story behind Regina Spektor's "Samson".

I was surfing the net last night, mostly Something Awful - which I always do when I don't got anything else to do / have something pressing to do.

Then I found that which is either is a very sweet story or the story about how Regina Spektor came to make her song "Samson".

For this post to have any meaning at all, and because I want to be good to those of you who haven't payed to get access to the best stuff in your life etc, I give you:
"Unknown goon's story about Regina Spektor and Samson"

"I doubt many people are going to believe me, but here's the story anyway. I warn you now that this is pretty long.

It was 2001 and I was celebrating my 19th birthday visiting some friends in New York City. My friends got me some "alternative forms of identification", and we got into a bar. I really hate the taste of alcohol, but I didn't want to let my friends down, so I had a few drinks.

This place was kinda dark and empty, but up against one corner of the bar was this beautiful young girl playing the piano kind of softly. Most people were talking to their friends or busy drinking a lot so she was pretty much ignored, but she sounded so beautiful that I had to get closer. Time seemed to go by incredibly fast (must have been the alcohol in my little body) but after a while I ended up being the only person listening to her. When she took a break from playing she came down and talked to me for a few minutes just about a few little things. We hit it off almost instantly as I was able to make her laugh, and I was surprised that even though she had a slightly thick Russian accent we could completely understand each other. My friends were ready to leave, but I told them I would catch up later.

She went up and sang for a little while again, and again I was the only one listening. She stopped after two more songs and came down to talk with me again. She told me all sorts of things about how her parents got her into music, how she'd lived in Russia, about all these little songs she wrote as a kid (she had hundreds).

At first I was trying to be all tough and manly, to kinda impress her.. bragging about things I had done in my life. She caught on to it, and she told me, "Listen honey. There's hundreds of strong men out there. I like men who are kind, who are honest, men who can be open with me." I switched gears from there, and it turned out she was much more happy to talk with me being myself then someone who was trying to be showy.

It was almost time to go so she got up on stage and sung one last song, she started by saying "This one's for you, honey," and pointed at me. I was amazed because I couldn't remember up to that point a girl ever being so friendly with me.

The bar was closing up and I asked to help her put her stuff away. I asked her if she had a cd that I could buy so I could hear her again. She came back with, "You don't need a cd, I'll give you a private performance. Why don't you come back to my place?" My jaw dropped to the floor, but I did my best to keep my cool.

We were driving back to her apartment and we talked for a bit more, and I realized I hadn't even asked this girl her name! I embarassingly asked her, and she told me, "That's ok, I don't know yours either. My name is Regina, Regina Spektor." I told her my last name, and because of her russian-english, she couldn't pronounce it correctly. She tried a couple times, "Samsmanskay.... Samskemansk, can I just say Samson?" I said sure, and her saying that brought us up talking about Samson the biblical figure. She told me again how she liked sensitive men and she said that maybe if Samson had cut his hair then he'd have to be more sensitive and she would like him.

Anyways we got back to her place, one of those big studios with a really high ceiling. She got the place so she could play her music all the time without people complaining. She played a few of the more softer, quieter songs which I loved. She offered me something to eat, but we got into the kitchen and she had all this weird Russian food, so I just asked her to get me a piece of wonderbread, that would be good enough.

She asked me if I was going to stay and I said I wanted to. I won't bore you with the details of the afterwards, but I'll say it was my first time and I was no stallion, but I held her for a while after. I told her how beautiful she was and how beautiful this whole night had been, but at the same time sad because I knew that I didn't live here and we couldn't have a relationship. We talked for a while about stupid little things and eventually fell asleep in each others arms.

She had another gig to go to the next day so she was off in a different direction. I thanked her as she left and she told me that she was proud to be the first girl who loved me.

I went back to my friends bragging, of course, but I figured this was girl was just one of hundreds trying desperately to make it and never succeeding. My life went on, and it never really occurred to me to look up this girl and see how she was doing, partially because I was busy with a serious relationship. Out of the blue, a few months ago she sent me a CD in the mail -- autographed, saying: "To Kyle Samsonsanssky.. I loved you first - Regina."

So now I do a google search and it turns out, wow, this girl got really popular. Even cooler than that, she wrote a song about that night! It's called Samson, and when I heard it for the first time, it brought back lots of memories.

Sadly, I've gotten married in those in-between years, so nothing will come of it. But I wrote her a nice letter telling her what's happened since that night, and telling her how happy I was that she had gotten so popular. I hope to hear back from her eventually."

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I'm a student from Belgium. I was searching the internet for the story behind Samson of Regina Spektor and found this. Can you give me the link where you found this story? I want to use it for my portfolio of English. I would be very grateful!

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